Site 12 Roleplay Rules

1 - Do not break roleplay at any moment, you are allowed to 3 times, but then you get a warning.

2 - Site 12 Roleplay condemns cheating, even during roleplay. This provides an unfair advantage during roleplay, allowing to see enemy positions.

3 - Fail RP is not allowed. This includes random kill, teamkill, or any of the sort. There is an auto teamkill ban feature built into remote admin, so dont try.

SCP:SL Rules

1 - Racism, Homophobia, Hate Speech, Discrimination, or any sort of harassment is banned even during RP. Doing this will give you a perm ban.

2 - Killing your own teammates for no reason in RP is not allowed.

3 - TKing, Cheating, or RKing is not allowed. Teamkilling is only allowed if you have a reason for it during RP, such as betraying, you can only use that excuse once.