Unigamia.com SCP Server #6 [REALISM]

Discord: https://discord.gg/f6afZMB | Appeal your ban in #scp-unban-requests | Register on our forums!

Initial spawn: 10 d-class, 5 SCPs, 5 MTF, 5 Scientists

This is our server for realism and serious RP.

01. [STREAMER SAFE] No disrespecting other players on the server. Racial slurs, homophobic slurs, and anything against Twitch's TOS is bannable on this server.
02. [NO HACKING] Hacking the server will result in an instant, unappealable ban from all SCP:SL servers including ours.
03. [LISTEN TO MODS] Moderators are in the server to make your gaming experience better. If you don't listen to them punishment will be twice as severe. Moderators are not allowed to disrespect you.
04. [NO HARASSMENT] Do not bully or gang up on other players, target players to be killed by a group, or harass kids or women, especially for their voices. Saying a slur is not bannable; calling someone a slur is bannable.
05. [NO EAR RAPE] Ear rape is an instant ban. Micspamming is not ear rape if it isn't high-pitched.
06. [RP TEAMKILLING] D-class can teamkill d-class. Mass teamkilling or throwing grenades in elevators with no enemies is grounds for an instant ban. Single teamkills will be given warnings. NTF can kill for RP reasons following the chain-of-command.
07. [NO SCP SUICIDE] Intentionally killing yourself as an SCP will result in punishment.
08. [NO GRIEFING] NTF cannot grief Scientists from escaping. Chaos Insurgency cannot grief D-Class from escaping. This includes closing doors and allowing SCPs/enemies to get to them. SCP-079 also cannot teamkill SCPs.
09. [D-CLASS ARREST] NTF and Facility Guards (and Scientists traveling with them) must halt D-Class and try to arrest them. Only d-class that disobey or shoot back may be killed outright. Scientists traveling alone without MTF can shoot on sight.
10. [RP TEAMING] MTF cannot team with SCPs. SCP-096, SCP-106, and SCP-173 can never team with humans. SCP-049, SCP-079, and SCP-939 can team.