Noah's Nation

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We are a fun little community server with active moderators. We host daily events anytime we have a few players. We would really love it if you got involved in our community by joining us for a few games!

Events are hosted every 5 rounds automatically on this server! They can also be manually requested/hosted by Patreon Tier 4 members and Staff members. For more information on all of our events, please click here to view our event list.

Or, you can check out our #server-info channel on our Discord.

We use various plugins and additions on this server. To get a detailed explanation of each plugin, please click here to view our plugin list.

Alternatively, you can check out our #plugins channel on our Discord.

Server Rules

KOS is not allowed. Please refer to rule 4.

1. No insulting other members - this includes racism, verbal abuse, harassment or any other kind of hate speech.
2. No mic-spam in spectator or SCP chat & No excessive mic spam in game
3. No teamkilling (Class D on Class D teamkilling is allowed)
4. No killing cuffed Class D/Scientists (Unless they are refusing to follow commands) or killing Class D/Scientists who have agreed to be cuffed.
-> Class D/Scientists can freely kill each other as long as they are not being cuffed/escorted by the opposite faction.
5. No cross-teaming (SCP & MTF & Chaos)
6. Listen to moderators/admins (We are here to keep the server fun)
7. No intentionally holding up the round (Camping in rooms that nobody else can enter)
8. Do not sabotage your team by closing doors or by changing #914 settings (Excluding Class D on Class D)
9. Do not attempt to impersonate staff
10. No advertising without staff permission