> Do not micspam in any global chats. This includes intercom, dead chat, pre-game/end-game chat, radio, and SCP chat.
> Do not ghost, metagame, cheat, or exploit any glitches.
> No one may start drama, be toxic, rude, or annoying.
> Please keep usernames as friendly as possible. Do not include links in your name.
> Do not make false reports.
> Racist, homophobic and transphobic slurs are prohibited.
> This is an English only server.
> Teamkilling is prohibited.
> You may not lock teammates in other rooms.
> You may give cuffed personnel/surrendering/lower ranked personnel orders.
> Cross-teaming is prohibited unless it is:
> Class-D teaming with Scientists, Guards, Nine-Tailed Fox, and SCPs.
> Scientists teaming with Class-D or Chaos.
> Chaos teaming with Nine-Tailed Fox, Guards, and Scientists.
> Nine-Tailed Fox or Guard teaming with Chaos and Class-D.