Gnomecord's SCP SL Server

Feel free to join our Discord and connect with other players in our sussy and friendly community!

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Official Server Rules
1. Cheating and exploiting is strictly prohibited. This also includes abusing glitched/unreachable spots to gain an unfair advantage.
2. Phishing, scamming, and other illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
3. Suicide encouragement is strictly prohibited.
4. Racist, discriminating or offensive remarks are strictly prohibited.
5. Harassment and toxicity is strictly prohibited. We're here to have a good time.
6. Staff or player impersonation is strictly prohibited.
7. Mic spamming is allowed in proximity chat only. Earrape or loud sounds are NOT allowed.
8. KOS'ing Class-D personnel or Scientists is prohibited unless they: do not comply with following reasonable demands (so don't force them to get trapped in a room or for them to jump down a pit), hold out a weapon, are trying to run away. (KOS stands for "Kill On Sight").
9. False reporting and abuse of in-game reporting function is prohibited.
10. Calling out staff who have their tags hidden is prohibited.
11. Encouraging others to violate server rules is prohibited.
12. Teaming that holds up the round is not allowed, for instance: Class-D, Scientists, and MTF cannot team with SCP's. Class-D and Scientists may team up together against SCP's. Chaos are allowed to team with SCP's but are not required to.
13. Do not target staff and content creators for what they are, if you are caught doing this repeatedly you will be punished.
14. This is an english speaking server so please keep it that way.