Welcome To BloodForge SCP Secret Laboratory Server

Server Location

Contact Us
For any questions/reports against players please contact [email protected] or any of these discord users MrFriendly#0843 expect a reply 1-24 hours

Our Discord
IP - https://discord.gg/66aNuyQ

1. No ghosting

2. No racist or sexually abusive comments toward others

3. No impersonating staff members

4. No being disrespectful to other players or staff

5. No threatening to DDoS or take down our network

6. No asking for other players personal information (IE: home address, phone number)

7. No mic or chat spamming

8. No Double accounting

9. No Harassment

10. Do not attempt to make loopholes in the rules.

11. No Trolling (e.g: Closing doors or teammates, trapping teammates in rooms, spamming the warhead lever on and off

12. No Evading Bans (e.g: Using different steam accounts or any other means to avoid a ban)

13. No Delaying Rounds (example purposely not killing each other to delay a round. Camping a room for more than 5 mins. These are just examples any other way to delay a round is also punishable)

14. No Camping MTF/Chaos Spawn Points