Cursed Laboratory

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If you want to report someone (staff included) or a bug, or appeal a ban, join the discord server and fill out a ticket in the #support-create-a-ticket channel.

You can link your account on our discord server for in game ranks and perks, and to climb our server leaderboard!

We like to hold frequent events and event rounds. If you want to know when we're planning events, join the discord server.

Event rounds on Saturdays at 7:00 PM EST

Major Gameplay Changes:

SCPSwap: You are able to swap what SCP you are at the beginning of a round

SCP-1162: Gives a random item when you drop an item in SCP-173's containment chamber (the chances of the items you can get change every 2 weeks)

914 Class Change: You can change your class with 914. Most human classes can change their class by setting 914 to rough or very fine

Auto Nuke: The alpha warhead activates after 25 minutes

SCP-294: (Only on Server 1 and Server 3) SCP-294 spawns. You can purchase drinks from it by going into the console (` key) and typing .scp294

SCP Proximity Chat: (Only on Server 1 and Server 3) SCP-049 has proximity chat that can be switched on and off by pressing the noclip key (ALT by default).

More information about gameplay changes can be found on our discord server.


1. Show respect to everyone. No bullying or personally attacking others. No slurs, shaming, disrespect or sexual harassment.

2. No mic spamming in the radio chat, spectator chat, SCP chat, intercom, pre-game chat, or post-game chat.

3. No team sabotaging. This means do not kill your teammates as SCP-079, do not try to lock your teammates in rooms as SCP-079, do not turn off generators as MTF, and do not uncuff Class-D or Scientists as they are escaping to force them to join the opposite team. SCP suicide is allowed.

4. Do not delay the round.

5. KOS is allowed. Do not kill any cuffed personnel, or uncuff them to kill them unless they are refusing orders.

6. No teaming except for the following exceptions
a) Class-D and Scientists may cooperate with any team excluding SCPs to aid them in escaping. SCPs can show them mercy, but they cannot team.
b) Any human class may help an SCP out of a locked room, however they should turn against each other or part ways once the door is opened. (Excluding Chaos).

7. No advertising.

8. No false reporting.

9. Please only speak in English to keep moderation easier so we can ensure that everyone enjoys their time here.

10. No racist/nsfw names

11. If you encourage someone to break a rule, you will receive the same or a harsher punishment than they receive.

12. Do not try to circumvent the rules. This list is not comprehensive. Use common sense. Staff have the right to enforce actions that are not directly specified if it makes sense to do so for the betterment of people and the server. Listen to staff and do not argue with staff. If you think what they are doing is wrong, report them on the discord server.