Yet Another SCP:SL Server Rules

1. KoS (Kill on Sight) is not allowed on subjects that are following orders unless they are an SCP or Chaos Insurgency. (If chaos has spawned then any remaining Class-D is KoS)

2. Racism, Homophobia, Slurs, etc are not allowed.

3. These rules can be updated at any moment.

4. Enjoy your stay.

5. You cannot kill yourself or rejoin the game just to stop yourself from being or stop being a specific role.

6. Team-Kill is not allowed if done in mass numbers, please keep the TK to a minimum. (1-2)

7. If you teamkill without a valid reasoning to do so it is considered KoS (Kill on Sight), please keep in mind that you need an actual reason.

8. We will display no mercy, if you are found violating a rule you will be banned depending on the severity.

9. Uncuffing someone just so you can have a reason to kill them is against the rules.

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[i] This server including the Discord is 13+