<b> [UK] Site Chaos </b>



No Homophobia/Transphobia, racism. nuh uh.
Don't cheat.. or do! we don't care (we do)
is not allowed.
Don't mic spam over intercom, spectator chat, and SCP chat.
No cross-teaming, no.
Common sense if not listed
Do not impersonate staff or higher ranks, goes for patreon.

<align=center>【 PLUGINS 】

CedMod - What we run our server through, roles, bans, patreon, etc, used across a wide variety of servers.

CandyUtilities - Pink Candys! Did you know you can pick up 4 candy in our server?

DevTools - Stuff for our developers.

AutoEvents - [PATREON] An event plugin with custom maps, for our patrons to request, these happen quite commonly.

RemoteKeycard - Feel free to open doors without the need of pulling out your keycard! Weird...

RespawnTimer - Ugh, when will we spawn in? Well well well.

SCPCosmetics - [PATREON] Patrons receive pets and hats, you should join... you should.

SpectatorList - See who is stalking you.

SCPProximityChat - Talk to people in-game with Left Alt!