Hi! Welcome to the new and improved Phantom Protocol server! Before you start playing take a quick read over our rules and server features. Have fun!!!

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1. Community Respect: Harassment, bullying, or any toxic behavior is strictly prohibited in our server.

2. Fair Play: Cheating or hacking is unfair to others and strictly forbidden. Violators will face a permanent ban.

3. Moderator Obedience: Our moderators are here to ensure a fun environment. Please comply with their instructions.

4. Microphone Usage: Soundboards and mic use are permitted in-game but not in Spectator mode. Be considerate and stop if requested.

5. Camping: Avoid camping in a room for over 5 minutes. Disobeying a moderator's instruction to move will result in a warning and return to spectator mode.

6. Ingame Communication: Do not share in-game information outside of the game chat. If caught, you'll be instructed to deafen.

7. Team Play: Sabotaging teammates, like closing doors on them or misusing generators, is not allowed. Accidental incidents will be given one chance only.

8. KOS: Killing on sight (KOS) is not permitted. Allow "Scientist and D-class" the opportunity to surrender. Only engage if they are armed and non-compliant.

Teaming Rules:
1. MTF/Guards cannot collaborate with Chaos or SCPs.
2. SCPs cannot team up with any personal classes.
3. D-boys and Scientists may cooperate to escape.
4. Any teaming outside these guidelines will result in serious consequences.

Server Features

Custom Surface
We have added a custom surface to spice up the gameplay a little bit. This includes; some new stairways for extra access, NU-7 Tanks that spawn some good loot and more!

Funny Coins
Try flipping a coin ingame! You could explode, get OP loot, kill an SCP or even more! Good luck.

Remote Keycard
As long as you have the required keycard to open a certian door in your inventory, you will be able to open said door without pulling your card out!

Respawn Info
This will tell you who is more likely to spawn, warhead status and generators active.

Spectator List
Wondering who is watching you clutch up a 1v5? Well here you go!


Thats all for now, more plugins will be added soon!