[CZ/SK/PL/EN] Peanut Club/Owieczkomania

SCP:SL Rules
Not allowed:
1.Team Kill or multi team kill - except class Ds
- Killing cuffed D class or anyrole that you didnt cuffed is like to do a Team Kill . Doing uncuff and killing the person who was cuffed when you werent the one who cuffed him is like to do a Team kill.
3.avoiding bans
4.Teaming(SCP and chaos cant too)
6.voice spam and earrape
7.false reports
8.camping and wasting time of the game
9.having advantage of the game cuz of info from spectate
10.Toxicity to Admin team or disrespecting them
11.shooting to tower
12.doing advertisement
13.killing yourself as SCP - not allowed to leave the server while being revived by 049
14.Ruining RP/Events
15.begging to be in admin team
16.finding holes in rules
17.playing soundboards and music in spectate, intercom or radio
18. misusing vulgarism
19. insulting other players
20. shouting
21. impersonating administration
22. humiliating others on the basis of race, gender, orientation or anything else