Olympus SCP: SL Server Info
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1. Please refrain from using toxicity!

1a. Saying things that fall under racist, homophobic, or derogatory categories will not be tolerated.

*If you're unsure if you can say something or not, it'd probably be for the best if you didn't say it at all.

2. The usage of cheats or third-party software to get an unfair advantage by any means will not be tolerated. If caught doing so your account will be banned from our server, and very possibly from SCP:SL in general.

2a. Additionally, the usage of bug exploitation, glitched locations, and misc. to gain an unfair advantage will not be tolerated on this server.

3. Please do not micspam, earape, or use soundboards in Spectator, SCP chat, Radios, or on the Intercom

3a. Alternatively, if you are playing as an SCP such as 939 or 049 (which can speak on this server), the usage of soundboards is permitted when used via proximity chat. This goes for all other classes that can use proximity chat.

4. Teaming with other roles is permitted. However, do not do the following:
- SCP and MTF teaming
- SCP and Class-D / Scientist teaming
- MTF and Chaos Insurgency teaming

*Please note that MTF teaming rules should also be followed by Facility Guards.

4a. In the event of an SCP trying to kill a Class-D while teaming up with a Chaos Insurgent, the Chaos should always attempt to save the Class-D being attacked.

4b. While Class-D and Scientists aren't supposed to form alliances with SCPs, SCPs may choose to spare a Class-D or Scientist.

*Please note that sparing a human subject and body guarding / hand holding them throughout the facility are two completely different matters.

5. Please refrain from stalling the round.

5a. Doing actions such as locking yourself in a room, hiding, and misc. to stall for a spawn wave will not be tolerated.

*If you are the last member of your team alive, you will be informed by staff. After being informed via staff, the user should continue gameplay as normal, rather than resorting to actions discussed in rule 5a.

*In the event of a player being trapped in a room, an active staff member will release the player to avoid round stalling. However, if there are no staff online, please refer to opening a ticket on our Discord server.

6. Staff have the final say. If you are being told to stop doing something by staff within appropriate reasoning, do not argue.

*This includes being told to stop doing something by a staff member, even if it isn't displayed on the list of rules.

*If you feel that you are being unfairly punished, please open a staff member report on our Discord server.

7. The discussion of sensitive and sexual topics will not be tolerated.

*With this being said, NSFW by any means will not be tolerated on this server. This includes jokes.

8. Shooting a compliant detained Class-D or Scientist will not be tolerated.

8a. In the event of a Class-D or Scientist being detained by either MTF or a Chaos Insurgent, the detainer should escort the player out of the facility and to the exit. If you see a detained Class-D or Scientist you are to not kill said player. Killing the detainee whether you are aware of the escort taking place or not, would still be in violation of rule 8 regardless of your knowledge.

*In the event of a detainee being caught in a crossfire, do not panic. Accidents happen and you will be let off depending on your previous infractions. However, please attempt to avoid this scenario from taking place.

9. Teamkilling will not be tolerated on this server.

9a. Although friendly fire on our server is disabled, users may find various ways to kill their teammates and that will not be tolerated on this server. Please avoid the following: Encouraging an enemy to kill a player on your team, closing doors on teammates purposely to get them killed by SCPs, or following any action for the sole purpose of killing a member of your team.

*Please note that we understand that there may be cases where you must close a door on your teammate to survive an SCP chase. This would fall under priority of saving your own life, not teamkilling. However, please avoid doing so to the best of your ability.

*With this in mind, please note that partaking in an action such as shutting a door behind you with a great number of teammates following you to prioritize your life, may be punished by staff.

10. Role evasion will not be tolerated on this server.

*This rule falls under the following: Leaving the game to avoid playing as a certain class, suiciding to avoid playing a certain class, and misc.

11. Spawn camping will not be tolerated on this server.

*Olympus SCP:SL Management Golden Spawn Rule:
"We believe that it is only fair to give players enough time to regroup themselves and react to their spawning before any attempted attacks should be made. Things suck as microing, flashing, camping spawn waves as 096, and more would be in violation of this rule. Thanks for reading!