Omega Sector

Table of Contents

General Rules
Gameplay Rules
Voice Rules
Our Staff Team

Please read the rules before joining the server! Here's a link to our Discord: Omega Sector Discord
<size=50><align="center">General Rules

1. Listen to all staff members. Despite the rules being very well-outlined, any given staff member still has the final say in any given scenario.
2. Behavior that worsens another's experience on the server in any way is not permitted
3. Any form of digital attack or threat of said attack (e.g "hacking, ddossing, doxing") will get you permanently banned.
4. Trying to get around rules via a "loophole" will result in a major punishment.

Gameplay Rules:

1. Do not intentionally delay the game.
2. TEAMING RULES: SCPs and NTF are never allowed to team. Chaos and NTF are never allowed to team. NTF that are escorting Class-D's must have them detained, and vice versa for Chaos with Scientists.
3. Do not intentionally kill yourself as an SCP. This includes SCP-049-2.

Voice Rules:

1. Do not micspam.
2. Use of racial and homophobic slurs is STRICTLY prohibited.
3. Voice chat is to be in English only so we can make sure these rules are being followed
4. Do not play music over the Intercom, in SCP chat, or in Spectator chat.

Our Staff Team:

• Letterized -> Server Owner
• s0ul -> Moderator
• GhastSphinx -> Moderator
• Macaroni -> Moderator


• Admin Tools - Useful things for our staff team
• Buddy System - play with a friend via the ".buddy" command
• Common Utilities - More useful things for our staff team
• Old MTF announcement - Plays the old CB MTF announcement (buggy!)