[EU-West] JopoCraft

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Our rules

1. Hacking or Cheating will be punished with a permanent ban from the server.
2. Teamkilling is not allowed.
2.1 The only exceptions are:
- Class-D killing Class-D
- TKs under Mutual Consent
- When Cuffed Scientist/Class-D personnel switch to multi-team. Meaning they may not be killed by Anyone Except SCPs
3. Getting your teammates killed on purpose is not allowed.
3.1 This includes:
- Damaging team members
- Cuffing team members
4. Playing loud music or mic spamming down the intercom is not allowed.
5. Playing loud music or mic spamming as a spectator is not allowed unless there is a general consensus among spectators.
6. Harassment of any kind is not allowed. If someone tells you to stop. Stop.
7. Racism and homophobia are not tolerated on this server. Keep it safe for work.
8. MTF/Guards/Scientists are not allowed to team with SCPs at any point.
8.1 MTF making a verbal agreement with SCP to do an act, such as opening a door for survival will be classified as teaming.
9. Don't camp in escape area, as there's a glitch where you can shoot out, but not in.
10. Any language other than English is prohibited.
10.1 The only exception is if you are SCP, and all SCPs talk the same language.
11. It's not allowed to commit suicide or leave, just because you don't want to be a zombie. You ruin the game for the others by doing it.
12. If a mod tells you to stop doing something. Stop doing it. Rules are always up for interpretation by the mods, so listen to them.
You can always make complaints to the Server Manager or higher afterward if you feel it is unjustified.