#Server main settings
server_name: [UK] | Foxy Realm #1
#default - uses server_name
player_list_title: default
player_list_title_rate: default
serverinfo_pastebin_id: GddgsWv7
max_players: 25
server_tickrate: 60
use_reserved_slots: true
lobby_waiting_time: default
ipv6_bind_ip: ::
contact_email: [email protected]

#Spawn settings
minimum_MTF_time_to_spawn: 280
maximum_MTF_time_to_spawn: 350
maximum_MTF_respawn_amount: 15
maximum_CI_respawn_amount: 15
priority_mtf_respawn: true
use_crypto_rng: false
team_respawn_queue: default
smart_class_picker: true

## Player Info Range ##
# This controls the default range that the player information text appears on clients.
#INVALID FLOAT - player_info_range: 10 # Default is 10.

## Respawn ticket system settings ##

# Enables the respawn tickets system.
# Each NTF or CI player spawned in consumes one ticket.
# We recommend keeping this on for game balance!
# Warning: Even if you disable the system, the tickets ratio for MTF/CI will still determine their spawn chance.
respawn_tickets_enable: true

# Ticket counts (initial)
# The ratio of MTF-to-CI tickets directly determines which team has a higher chance of spawning.
# The initial settings (24:18) give around 42.8% chance for the CI to spawn instead of the MTF.
# The CI spawn chance can be calculated by this formula: CI_TICKETS / (MTF_TICKETS + CI_TICKETS) * 100%
respawn_tickets_mtf_initial_count: default
respawn_tickets_ci_initial_count: default

# Ticket counts (events)
respawn_tickets_mtf_classd_cuffed_escape_count: default
respawn_tickets_mtf_scientist_escape_count: default
respawn_tickets_mtf_scp_hurt_escape_count: default
respawn_tickets_ci_classd_escape_count: default
respawn_tickets_ci_scientist_cuffed_escape_count: default
respawn_tickets_ci_scientist_died_count: default
respawn_tickets_ci_scp_item_count: default

# Ticket misc settings
# The percentage of health an SCP must lose to trigger the 'scp_hurt' tickets.
respawn_tickets_mtf_scp_hurt_interval: default

## Stamina system settings ##

# The percentage of stamina used per second while sprinting.
# 0.05 = 5%, 0.33 = 33%, etc.
# NOTE: Stamina is currently only utilized on humans.
# 0 to disable, but this *will* cause weirdness with status effects
# and other mechanics, so we recommend keeping it on!
stamina_balance_use: 0.05

# The time (in seconds) that newly-spawned players can sprint
# without consuming stamina. Used to reduce visual artifacts.
# We recommend to put it at least 2 seconds
stamina_balance_immunity: 3

# The seconds that must pass before stamina starts regenerating after
#INVALID - the player stops sprinting.
# Lower values are more liekly to be exploited by players
# Higher higher can be annoying to players.
stamina_balance_regen_cd: 1

# How fast the stamina regenerates.
# This is a multiplier for the default setting,
# which is based on a curve - not a specific value.
stamina_balance_regen_speed: 1

# Multiplier for human walk speed.
# Default speed before multiplier is 4.5 m/s.
stamina_balance_walk_speed: 1.2

# Multiplier for human sprint speed.
# Default speed before multiplier is 7 m/s.
stamina_balance_sprint_speed: 1.05

#Random-stuff settings (-1: random)
server_forced_class: -1
map_seed: -1

#Misc gameplay settings
intercom_cooldown: 120
intercom_max_speech_time: 20
auto_round_restart_time: 10
friendly_fire: false
friendly_fire_multiplier: 0.4
warhead_tminus_start_duration: 90
lock_gates_on_countdown: true
isolate_zones_on_countdown: false
open_doors_on_countdown: true
keep_items_after_escaping: true
allow_playing_as_tutorial: true
disable_decontamination: false
096_destroy_locked_doors: true
no_holidays: false
allow_disarmed_interaction: false
914_mode: default
sinkhole_slow_amount: 30
sinkhole_spawn_chance: 0
disconnect_drop: true
end_round_on_one_player: false
cuffed_escapee_change_team: true
pd_exit_count: 2

#How many seconds someone is AFK sitting in their spawn location before they are kicked. Set to 0 or lower to disable. (Due to the 079 intro screen 079 has 13 extra seconds to be AFK.)
afk_time: 90
constantly_check_afk: false

#Spawn Protect settings
spawn_protect_disable: true
spawn_protect_time: 30
spawn_protect_team: [1, 2]
spawn_protect_allow_dmg: true

#Auto Event Broadcast settings
auto_warhead_broadcast_enabled: false
auto_warhead_broadcast_message: The Alpha Warhead is being detonated
auto_warhead_broadcast_time: 10
auto_warhead_detonate_broadcast: The Alpha Warhead has been detonated now
auto_warhead_detonate_broadcast_time: 10
auto_decon_broadcast_enabled: false
auto_decon_broadcast_message: Light Containment Zone is now decontaminated
auto_decon_broadcast_time: 10

#Security & Anticheat (default settings are good enough in most cases)
#Please type !private in your server console, if your server is verified, but you want to keep it hidden from the list. Type !public to make it public again.
online_mode: true
ip_banning: true
enable_whitelist: false
forward_ports: true
enable_query: false
query_port_shift: 0
query_use_IPv6: true
administrator_query_password: none
connections_delay_time: 5
enable_sync_command_binding: false
ratelimit_kick: true
same_account_joining: false
anticheat_console_output: false
enable_fast_round_restart: false
fast_round_restart_delay: 3.2
display_preauth_logs: true
rejection_suppression_threshold: 60
challenge_issuance_suppression_threshold: 50

#Enables challenge during preauthentication
preauth_challenge: true

#Reply - prevents from flooding server with preauth requests from spoofed IP addresses
#MD5 or SHA1 - prevents from flooding with preauth requests from legitimate IP addresses as well. Requires additional time to join the server.
preauth_challenge_mode: reply
preauth_challenge_base_length: 10
preauth_challenge_time_window: 12
preauth_challenge_clean_period: 4

#Only for MD5 and SHA1 challenges (higher value = longer time required to join the server)
preauth_challenge_secret_length: 2

#This enforces the player to be using same IP address to connect to the game and authenticate.
#Enabling this blocks proxies. Not enforced if player joined from IPv4 and authenticated from IPv6 or viceversa.
#Situations with combinating IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are being checked on central servers after authentication (only for servers on public list).
enforce_same_ip: true
no_enforcement_for_local_ip_addresses: true

#This enforces that the IP address used to connect to the game and authenticate must be assigned to the same Internet Service Provider (ISP).
#Works only on servers on the public list. This is less restrictive that "enforce_same_ip" and blocks most of the proxies.
enforce_same_asn: true

#Connections ratelimiting
#Ratelimit time windows define how often user with the same IP/UserID can initialize new connection (once per X seconds).
enable_ip_ratelimit: true
enable_userid_ratelimit: true
ip_ratelimit_window: 3
userid_ratelimit_window: 5

# - Item category limits -
# Values of 0 are NOT unlimited and will prevent item pickups of that type entirely!
# The inventory can hold a max of 8 items, so a limit of 8 is effectively unlimited.
limit_category_grenade: default
limit_category_keycard: default
limit_category_medical: default
limit_category_scpitem: default
limit_category_firearm: default

# - Ammo type limits -
# Values from 1 to 65k.
limit_ammo12ga: default
limit_ammo556x45: default
limit_ammo44cal: default
limit_ammo762x39: default
limit_ammo9x19: default

#Friendly fire punishment
#Action is performed if someone either kills enough teammates OR deals enough damage to teammates.
#Set kills or damage to 0 to disable that threshold.
#Detectors priority: Respawn (kill), Window (kill), Life (kill), Round (kill), Respawn (damage), Window (damage), Life (damage), Round (damage)
#Actions: kill, kick, ban, noop (no operation - do nothing, eg. to enable logging)
#Damage dealt AFTER round end is ignored.

ff_detector_global_broadcast_seconds: 5
ff_detector_global_adminchat_seconds: 6

#If enabled Class D personnel can damage or kill other Class D personnel without being punished for it
ff_detector_classD_can_damage_classD: false

#If set to "none" then the webhook for cheaters reporting will be used
ff_detector_webhook_url: none

#Per round
ff_detector_round_enabled: false
ff_detector_round_kills: 6
ff_detector_round_damage: 500

ff_detector_round_action: ban
ff_detector_round_ban_time: 24h
ff_detector_round_bankick_reason: You have been automatically banned for teamkilling.
ff_detector_round_kill_reason: You have been automatically killed for teamkilling.

ff_detector_round_adminchat_enable: false
ff_detector_round_adminchat_message: %nick has been banned for teamkilling (round detector).

ff_detector_round_broadcast_enable: true
ff_detector_round_broadcast_message: %nick has been automatically banned for teamkilling.

ff_detector_round_webhook_report: true

#Per life (resets on respawn)
ff_detector_life_enabled: false
ff_detector_life_kills: 4
ff_detector_life_damage: 300

ff_detector_life_action: ban
ff_detector_life_ban_time: 24h
ff_detector_life_bankick_reason: You have been automatically banned for teamkilling.
ff_detector_life_kill_reason: You have been automatically killed for teamkilling.

ff_detector_life_adminchat_enable: false
ff_detector_life_adminchat_message: %nick has been banned for teamkilling (life detector).

ff_detector_life_broadcast_enable: true
ff_detector_life_broadcast_message: %nick has been automatically banned for teamkilling.

ff_detector_life_webhook_report: true

#In a specified time window
ff_detector_window_enabled: false
ff_detector_window_seconds: 180
ff_detector_window_kills: 3
ff_detector_window_damage: 250

ff_detector_window_action: ban
ff_detector_window_ban_time: 16h
ff_detector_window_bankick_reason: You have been automatically banned for teamkilling.
ff_detector_window_kill_reason: You have been automatically killed for teamkilling.

ff_detector_window_adminchat_enable: false
ff_detector_window_adminchat_message: %nick has been banned for teamkilling (window detector).

ff_detector_window_broadcast_enable: true
ff_detector_window_broadcast_message: %nick has been automatically banned for teamkilling.

ff_detector_window_webhook_report: true

#In a specified time window AFTER RESPAWN
ff_detector_spawn_enabled: true
ff_detector_spawn_window_seconds: 120
ff_detector_spawn_kills: 2
ff_detector_spawn_damage: 180

ff_detector_spawn_action: ban
ff_detector_spawn_ban_time: 48h
ff_detector_spawn_bankick_reason: You have been automatically banned for teamkilling.
ff_detector_spawn_kill_reason: You have been automatically killed for teamkilling.

ff_detector_spawn_adminchat_enable: false
ff_detector_spawn_adminchat_message: %nick has been banned for teamkilling (spawn detector).

ff_detector_spawn_broadcast_enable: true
ff_detector_spawn_broadcast_message: %nick has been automatically banned for teamkilling.

ff_detector_spawn_webhook_report: true

#Enable this if and ONLY if you use plugin or modification that provides custom whitelist.
#This is only to mark the server on the public list as using a whitelist.
#More information can be found in the Verified Server Rules.
#Ignore this config key if your server is not verified.
custom_whitelist: false

#Enable this if and ONLY if you use plugin or modification that restricts access to the server (other than whitelist, eg. password).
#This is only to mark the server on the public list as using access restriction.
#More information can be found in the Verified Server Rules.
#Ignore this config key if your server is not verified.
server_access_restriction: false

#Enable this if and ONLY if your server is a Custom Gamemode Server according to the definition that can be found in the Verified Server Rules.
#Ignore this config key if your server is not verified.
custom_gamemode_server: false

#Enable this if and ONLY if your server is a Heavily Modded Server according to the definition that can be found in the Verified Server Rules.
#Ignore this config key if your server is not verified.
heavily_modded_server: false

- 7777
- 7778
- 7779
- 7780
- 7781
- 7782
- 7783
- 7784

#Enabling this will automatically ban IP of players on the server that receives a Global Ban by a Global Moderator. (Defaults to false)
gban_ban_ip: default

ban_nickname_maxlength: default
ban_nickname_trimunicode: default

#Nickname filtering, using regex
nickname_filter: default
nickname_filter_replacement: default

#Administrative actions broadcast options
broadcast_kicks: false
broadcast_kick_text: %nick% has been kicked from this server.
broadcast_kick_duration: 5
broadcast_bans: true
broadcast_ban_text: %nick% has been banned from this server.
broadcast_ban_duration: 5

#Server idle mode
idle_mode_enabled: true
idle_mode_time: 5000
idle_mode_preauth_time: 30000
idle_mode_tickrate: 1

#Player report
report_send_using_discord_webhook: false
report_discord_webhook_url: PleaseSetWebhookUrlHere
report_username: Cheater Report
report_avatar_url: default
report_color: 14423100
report_server_name: My SCP:SL Server
report_header: Player Report
report_content: Player has just been reported.

#Restart options
#Requires LocalAdmin or a fully compatible tool.

#You can set autorestart of the server after a specified amount of rounds (0 - disabled).
restart_after_rounds: 0

#Amount of time after client should rejoin after a full server restart.
#Adjust depending on your server restart time.
full_restart_rejoin_time: 25

#If your server is on the public list, please refer to Verified Server Rules for more details.
#Modes: none, whitelist, blacklist
geoblocking_mode: none

#If enabled, players on the whitelist are able to ignore geoblocking.
geoblocking_ignore_whitelisted: true

#ISO country codes, eg. PL, US, DE
- AA
- AB
- AC

- AA
- AB
- AC