<size=27>Welcome to Saturn!
<size=17>Please read our rules before you play.
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<size=17>Game Rules
<color=#fdea9e>1) Do not act overly toxic towards other players. This includes both verbal harassment and closing doors on your teammates.

2) Attempting or threatening to hack, dox, ddos, and/or exploit is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.

3) Racism, Homophobia, and grossly offensive jokes will not be tolerated.

4) Do not reveal staff members with hidden tags. When they are hidden, they are hidden for a reason.

5) Do not kill Detained D-Class or Scientists unless they consent to being killed or are being uncooperative.

6) Do not hold up the round. Doing so will result in being despawned.

7) Chaos and MTF are not allowed to team unless if one party is cuffed and is being escorted out of the facility.

8) Chaos and SCP's can only team if no more D-Class are alive.

9) Do not team grief. Team grief includes turning off 79 generators when a human role, Suiciding to avoid playing your role, turning off nuke when it is beneficial to your team, and closing doors on teammates who are in danger.

10) Micspam in spectator and SCP chat is allowed until you are asked to stop. Earrape in spectator and SCP chat is never allowed.

If you have any issues with a staff member or any questions, please contact an Administrator.