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<size=18>Server Rules

[0] Use your common sense. Please.
[1] Harassing players or being very toxic will get you banned quickly.
[2] Do not shut doors on your teammates intentionally.
[3] Do not kill disarmed Class-D.
[4] don't delay the round for too long or a admin would spawn a lot scp or something that end the game.
[5] You can play music and sound but please do not play earape or some type of loud sound if turning it down a little bit it would help us to not get hearing loss and if a player or a admin tell you stop then stop if not you will be kicked(and please don't make excessive noise in scp chat, spectator chat or in radio).
[6] You can team so like mtf teaming with scp but don't team sabotage so like turning off the gens or scp 079 killing his fellow scp with tesla.
[7] Exploits are forbidden and you will be banned if you use them.

List of plugins:
- Admintools
- Betterdrops
- Common Utilities
- WaitAndChillReborn
- MapEditorReborn
Others servers:
- [UK] bucket server

Extra Info:
- The nuke goes off at 25 minutes