1: No SCP sabotage/suicide. This will end up in a warn then a one day ban if behavior persists.
2: Be respectful to all members and all staff members. Staff get the final say in punishment.
3: Slurs are not tolerated at any point in time. If a moderator says a slur do not argue/notice it and please leave the server and report it to the higher ups.
4: No racism/homophobia that is to harass someone/bully them. This will result in a one day ban.
5: No harassment of anyone. Calling females dishwashers, objects etc. isn't permitted in this server. If someone asks you to stop doing something that you can help, please do. If you do not and proof arises then you will be warned.
6: No outrageous accusations. If you report someone without proof then your report will be documented as obsolete. These obsolete reports will be counted before any verdict is made in anymore of that person's reports.
7: Teaming is allowed however MTF and chaos CAN NOT team but SCPs and Chaos can team in a group of a maximum of 3 chaos.
8: Do not exploit glitches. You can get into spots that 173 can not get to if nuke hasn't gone off.
9: Follow the Northwood rules.
10: Do not advertise anything without permission of an admin or higher.
11: Do not play high pitch noises and do not play soundboards/yelling in SCP/Spectator chat.
12: DO NOT kos dbois unless they aren't listening to commands or you are a scientist. Scientists are only allowed to kill dbois if they haven't made a truce and they are in heavy. If you break this rule it will end up in a 6 hour ban