Kitchen Island Official Server - Australia







1. Our servers are English speaking only.
2. Any form of racism, sexism, antisemitism or any other discrimination isn't allowed. This includes offensive slurs and jokes.
3. Using cheats and exploits is not allowed.
4. Purposely delaying the round will result in you being slain.
5. Don't kill compliant cuffed Class-D or Scientists. Uncuffing obedient Class-D or Scientists in order to kill them is prohibited. It's also forbidden to uncuff them before their escape.
6. Don't announce staff who have a hidden badge or bring attention to them.
7. Disrespecting, impersonating, encouraging others to break our rules and false reporting is prohibited.
8. Don't sabotage your team.
Examples of sabotage: Locking teammates in rooms, as an SCP allowing humans to activate generators to kill SCP079, turning off generators as an MTF, killing other SCPs as SCP079, opening the Micro H.I.D. Armory for humans as an SCP.


Class-D and Scientists may work together to escape.
Class-D may be escorted out by Guards/MTF cuffed or not, but must be cuffed before they escape.
Scientists may be escorted out by Chaos cuffed or not, but must be cuffed before they escape.
SCPs can only team with Chaos.


1. Quiet music/sounds are allowed unless asked to stop.
2. You must not be intentionally annoying, disruptive, NSFW, distorted, or overly loud.



Ultimate-AFK, replaces AFK players.
Round statistics, such as player with the most kills as an SCP.



In order to contact the owner, please join the Discord server.