cyconic's Laboratory

About This Server:
All plugins have been removed for now because 13.0 just released so the server will be vanilla for now!


Discord: Click Here!


The Rules:

[1]: No harassment of any other members, unless it is just friendly banter. If you are getting constantly harassed please DM someone apart of the staff team and we will look into it.
[2]: Any form of racist, sexist or homophobic comments are absolutely unacceptable.
[3]: Do not spam soundboards or really irritating sounds in spectator or intercom.
[4]: Cheating is a bannable offense and will get you IP Banned from this server.
[5]: If you are round delaying you will get sent to the Shadow Realm.



[6]: KOS (Kill On Sight) is not allowed on this server which means, Class D cannot kill Scientists, Scientists cant kill Class D, Facility Guards are not allowed to kill Class D, Class D are not allowed to kill Facility Guards. MTF are not allowed to kill Class D, and Chaos are not allowed to kill You are allowed to kill the person that is trying to kill you, MTF and Chaos are allowed to kill each other but don't have to, Same with Chaos and SCPs.



[7]: Teaming is allowed on the server which means you can work together to take down the enemy team but if it is unfair then you are not allowed. Especially if you are round delaying.

[8]: Have fun! :)