Discord: https://discord.gg/9zDkv2Y
Please make sure you completely read these rules and know them to heart! Scp Secret Lab
1. Do not be toxic, will result in a warning or kick.
2. Don't mic spam the intercom or loading screen.
3. Do NOT use hacks or encourage them.
4. Ping @O5 Council @05-2 @05-3 @Recruit to deal with issues.
5. Do NOT advertise anything without @Shaun1204 permission.
6. Do NOT try to start any drama.
7. You can trap scps in rooms, but they will be released.
8. Do Not ask moderators for server events, ask @O5 Council @05-2 @05-2. If none of them are on, then ask moderators politely (although they have limited things they can do)
9. You are not allowed to say or play any inappropriate content anywhere.
10. Do NOT disrespect staff members.
11. If you are keeping a game from ending, you will be tp'd to the nearest scp/opposing team.
12. Do NOT threaten another member in the server.
13. Staff are only abusing if they are keeping a game from ending, killing players by using cheats, or anything that hurts the actual play of the game. If you thing a staff member is abusing, dm @Shaun1204 / @O5 Council or @Frost / @05-2
14. Anything @05-3 says is final, if you feel that they are wrong, tell @O5 Council @05-2 or any other staff above them.
15. Genuine racial/sexual discrimination is not acceptable.
16. Door camping is allowed, but try not to unless you are at low hp.
17. Don't close doors In front of teammates unless being chased. Still not very cool
Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning-kick-ban or [DATA EXPUNGED] you. Have Fun!