Containment Chaos

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Server Rules

No usage of the N word unless used in a joking/casual manner, doing this may result in a mute or a kick depending on the situation.

Ear rape/mic spam is not allowed.
Ear rape is defined as high volumes and static noises that may stain ears, music is okay as long as it's not too loud and everyone is okay with it.

Don't hold up rounds, you will be pulled to spectator and warned if deemed necessary.

Don't impersonate staff.

Be respectful to other players and staff.

Don't harass or bully others.

Hacking and exploiting or making threats to the game, servers, or others will not be tolerated

Do not punishment evade. (Leaving the server to avoid being banned or warned)

Try not to KOS D-Class and Scientists.

Staff have final say in rules.