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1. Don't grief
2. No teamkilling
3. Do as the admins say at all times
4. No racism(is a bannable offense)
5. No homophobic talk.

Server info
In floppy's Scp, We are trying to make your gaming experience the
best it can get. This server is
pretty laid back as long as the players don't commit any bannable offenses.

This server has now been modded.
This server also has one new Scp, Scp 575. Scp 575 is kind of weird. It just
makes a very strange noise and then shuts all of the lights in the facility off
temporarily. It will drain your health when you are standing still. It is extremely
useful to Scp 173. Scps can now talk to you. Scp 035 has been added.
He has more health than the average person and is able to kill people on it's own
team. Scp 049 can now heal zombies if they are within a certain distance from him.
NTF now receives random airdrops that consist of epsilon 11 rifles, Medical gear,
disarmers, weapon manager tablets, and even lieutenant keycards.

There is a 50/50 chance that 914 will teleport players if they put it on the
coarse setting.(WARNING: Doing this will result in 50 hp lost.)
There is now a tranquillizer gun that will temporarily immobilize the Scp units.
All people will now spawn in the tutorial spawn before the round starts.
People can now request to swap Scps with each other. If someone is an Scp
that you want, you can type: .scpswap (Scp# here). They can then answer your
request by either typing .scpswap yes or .scpswap no.

I hope you enjoy and have Fun. Report any racism, offensive comments,
and Admin abuse to me at [email protected]
This server is just to play and have fun on,
please do not overreact if someone does something toxic.