Contact me here: [email protected]
Join my discord server by clicking here: Discord (clickable)
1. Don't grief
2. No teamkilling
3. Do as the admins say at all times (or don't because admins are losers,
but at least listen to server owners)
4. No racism(is a bannable offense)
5. No homophobic talk.
6. Dont be a snowflake please. if someone makes a joke, dont freak out.

Server info:
In floppy's Scp, We are trying to make your gaming experience the
best it can get. This server is
pretty laid back as long as the players don't commit any bannable offenses.
Server is modded. I have added some mods that don't break the game, but just
make it a little better. There is an MTF airdrop that drops loot such as guns,
med kits, ammo, adrenaline, and other things. I have added the scp 575 mod which
makes the lights go out and slowly damages people who are standing still. I have
added 012 which will lure you to it and kill you. It is found in 012 chamber. I
have added a pre-game lobby which is supposed to have a parkour course in it.
Peanut explodes when he dies, admins have rainbow tags, there is a respawn timer,
tranquilizer gun, and better sinkholes for scp 106. MOST IMPORTANT MOD:
It has been requested that i add the scp swap mod which allows people to trade
scp roles so i did it. also friendly fire turns on after the round ends
so we can all go up in a firestorm of bullets.

Administrator rules:
Admins and mods are not to severely abuse powers, Or use admin powers to mess
with people without consent.
(if you use it to mess with your friends I guess that's fine)
Admins and mods are allowed to noclip as tutorial as long as they don't
really interfere with the game.
Noclip is strictly prohibited while there is an 096 in the game. (this does
not apply if it is for moderation purposes)
Don't spawn yourself things.
You may hide your tag, but dont complain when you inevitably get reported.

How to get Mod:
You can't get admin without being a Moderator first. Here are The ways that
you can get moderator.
You must join the discord to get permissions.
You must take the staff application form in the discord.
If you have ever been banned for a serious violation of rules, you cant be mod.


I hope you enjoy and have Fun. Report any racism, offensive comments,
and Admin abuse to me at [email protected]
This server is just to play and have fun on,
please do not overreact if someone does something toxic.