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1. Cheating / Hacking or exploiting the game in any fashion is strictly prohibited.

2. Team sabotage of any kind is strictly prohibited.

3. Hate speech, discrimination, and any type of slur is strictly prohibited. Any use of these topics be it for any reason, will result in a seven day ban.

4. Impersonation of any individual, be it a random player, Arcadia staff, or even Northwood staff is strictly prohibited.

5. Music and other sounds are NOT allowed in the following chats: "Spectator Chat", "Intercom", and "Radio/Alternate Chat".

6. SCP's are allowed to team with Chaos Insurgents and both Class (D)isposable and Science Personnel.

7. Military Personnel(Chaos Insurgency / Mobile Task Forces) may not KOS(Kill on sight) Class (D)isposable Personnel or Science Personnel.




1. AdminTools | This plugin allows us to moderate the server easily.
2. CedMod | This plugin allows us to log events in the server.
3. Effect Keeper | This plugin lets you keep your effects when you escape and turn into a different class!
4. Common Utilities | This plugin allows us to set different options inside the server.
5. Zombie Apocalypse | This plugin makes it so zombies will convert anyone they kill into a zombie.
6. Shooting Interactions | This plugin allows you to shoot open doors, activate grenades, and lock down gates and checkpoints all with your gun!
7. RespawnTimer | This plugin lets you know how much time you have left until you respawn!
8. FireModes | This plugin lets you change the fire rate that you shoot your weapon!
9. Rainbow Tags | This plugin lets our special players have their names pop out with a blast of color!
10. SCP Chat | This plugin lets SCP's talk to humans in proximity to them!
11. SCP Cosmetics | This plugin lets our Patreon supporters use commands like .hat and .pet! Support the server to get access to these awesome commands!
12. MapEditor Reborb | Like a custom map? We do too! This plugin lets us edit the map as we see fit!


All rules and plugins here are condensed for easier reading. Please join the discord for an in depth explanation of the plugins and rules. Thank you :)