Geggams Gaming Palace
<align="center">Welcome to Geggams Gaming Palace and thank you for joining! Be sure to join our discord server Discord!


1. No KOS: Guards, scientist, and MFT have to give D-class a chance to surrender, they cannot just blast them. Same rule goes for D-class to scientist. Chaos are allowed to KOS unless the player is disarmed.
2. Be respectful. Don't harass players or staff members.
3. Absolutely no cheating. If you are caught cheating it will be a permanent ban with no chance to appeal.
4. Absolutely no slurs.
5. Don't Ghost. It ruins the atmosphere of the game.
6. No Mic Spam. You are allowed to play music, sing, and use soundboard but keep it to proximity chat. Don't play music, sing, or use soundboard in any global chat.
7. No Teaming: SCPs and human class can not run around the facility together. SCPs are allowed to spare human classes, but nothing more.

If you need staff support or need to report a player, you can use the in-game report function or join the discord and go to the channel called support. Once the report is created a staff member will assist you as soon as they can!