Where our Wood was stolen and the Stones were left behind...

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[1] Use Common Sense
Some things may be funny for you, but not for others, think twice before doing.
(This one includes ear-raping and music in the non-proximity chat. Stop it upon request, or I will blast you to the Shadow Realm.)
(Speak primarily English, other languages are allowed, but not for extended talk.)
[2] No impersonation in any way or form
It's just plain annoying. Do you really think we're going to believe that you're Neil Armstrong?
Go be annoying somewhere else.
[3] No racism, harassment, toxicity or bullying
This is a no-no. Doing so will result in a ban, duration of the ban is determined by your offense.
[4] Do not advertise
No, we don't care about your stream, would you like to mention you are streaming? Do it.
But begging people to watch it is annoying, and will result in you being removed.
[5] Do not discuss politics or otherwise sensitive topics
We know it's a horror game, but the horror of IRL-killings, or Donald Trump for that matter, is a bit to much to handle, don't you think? We're all here to have a bit of fun.
[6] No NSFW content in any way
This includes ERP-sessions. Go be weird somewhere else.

[7] No Cheating and Exploiting
I think this one speaks for itself. We do not condone any kind of cheating, and if you are caught doing so, you will be banned from the server.
[8] No camping or delaying of rounds
We're not here to play the all new SCP:SL Spectator Simulator. MOVE YOUR ASS.
[9] Teaming is allowed as long as it doesn't lead to round delays or the death of teammates
Do I really need to explain this one?
Sure, be the new Chaos x Guard Team, but we're still not here for the all new Spectator Sim.
Neither are we here to play the "Spawn And Get Killed By TeamKillers Simulator".
[10] No team sabotage
You're not funny when you're sabotaging your team. So don't turn generators off, or kill detained D-class or Scientists, unless they were detained by you.
Closing doors on teammates is a dick move, but not considered team sabotage unless you're doing it as SCP.
[11] Do not repeatedly leave the game to avoid playing a specific class
Sure, you're not feeling like playing 049 AGAIN. We can understand that. But don't keep leaving and joining to ONLY play as MTF or whatever. Go be a twat somewhere else.

[*] Server staff can and will intervene when needed.
They have final say, if they feel like your actions are decremental to the gameplay for others, they will take action.
If you believe you have been wrongly punished by Server Staff, then the possibility to send an appeal exists.
Feel free to use it, appeals are handled and reviewed case by case by the Server Manager.

Concerns, questions or appeals?
We're here to help you!
Please join our discord server for assistance: (Should be clickable)