[ Muzatory ]

Join our Discord(Clickable): https://discord.gg/muzcord

Appeal bans at: Cedmod Appeals(Clickable)

KOS is not allowed on this server, KOS includes but is not limited to: killing cuffed players, shooting someone who poses no threat or purposely uncuffing someone at the escape exit. The only exceptions are: if you KOS with pink candy or accidently commit KOS.

[ Muzatory - Server Features ]

SCPChat - Press the ALT key will toggle proximity voice chat whilst you’re SCP!
Remote Keycard - Use your keycard without holding it.
Pink Candy - What's this in the candy bowl- *ka-boom*
Any Team Escape - Anyone can escape while cuffed.
914 Modes - SCP-914 is customized with a plugin...
Coinflips - Find a coin and test your luck, you might get lucky!
Special Events - Events scheduled on the discord are run on special occasions.
Emote - Type ".dance" into your console to dance with your friends.
End Game Friendly Fire - Shoot your friends at the end of the game.

<size=18>[ Muzatory - Server Rules ]

1 - No discrimination of any sort. Need I say why?

2 - Do not engage in activities such as doxxing, cheating, or abusing exploits.

3 - This is a English speaking server If you don't speaking English, it is punishable.

4 - This server is 13+, meaning you MUST be 13 or older to play on this server.

5 - NSFW is strictly prohibited. What did you think?

6 - False reports are not allowed.

7 - Mic spam is not allowed and can be punishable.

8 - Suiciding/leaving and re-joining the game due to the class you spawned as is punishable.

9 - Do not target people for who they are Eg: a moderator or a content creator.

10 - Teaming is strictly prohibited, the only exception is Scp049-2.

11 - No prolonging the round, your area will be announced if your the last remaining.

12 - Team sabotage is not allowed eg: Encouraging to kill detained ClassD, shutting doors on teammates while running.

13 - KOS is not allowed and is punishable.

14 - Be respectful of one another.</size>