Welcome to the newly established
The Nut Shack

Join the <color=#add8e6ff>Discord server</color>

**Closing doors on teammates is fine, but you are allowed to be teamkilled if you close 3 or more doors on your team.
**<color=orange>D-Class are allowed to teamkill each other in light containment</color>

1. Do not teamkill unless intentionally damaged first.

2. Do not kill COOPERATING players that have been disarmed by you or your team.

3. Do not delay the round, if you are the sole reason the game isn't ending then you are delaying.

4. SCPS are not allowed to throw the game or suicide, zombies too.
**This also includes turning on nuke with the intent of giving up or losing**

5. Racist and homophobic language is not allowed (n word with a is fine if not directed at anyone)
**There is a difference between typical gameplay banter and actually being insulting

6. Targeted harassment is not allowed.

7. SCPs are NOT allowed to team with MTF, Guards, or Scientist. However, SCPs can choose to "look the other way" once or spare a person.
**SCPs may still team with D-Class or Chaos Insurgency.

8. No micspamming (basically earrape) over intercom, spectator chat, or radio as it is very annoying. This includes loud or obnoxious sounds or noise played for a long period of time.

9. Don't argue with staff, it may just make things worse for you. You can bring any issue with staff to either me (Luxario), the coowner (Goober), or head admin(s).

10. No cheating or using external software to gain an unfair advantage

11. Do not use alt accounts or any way to bypass a punishment

12. Do not threaten anyone's life, threaten to doxx, or ddos. This will get you an instant permaban.

13. This is an ENGLISH ONLY speaking server, speaking only another language will result in a mute (I feel bad for anyone who doesn't know English reading these rules lol)</color>

14. Staff are not allowed to disrupt gameplay heavily that would hinder the ability for one or some to play normally. If you see this let me, co-owner, or head admin know. **This excludes event rounds**

Discord - Luxario#2342
Email - [email protected]