Dr. Shadow's Facility

Dr. Shadow's Facility Rules:
Welcome test subject! Welcome to my SCP Facility. You will be tested to the best of your abilities. We will throw all of the SCP's at you. If you survive congrats you can gain your freedom. If you die your death will be covered up. Even though you were put on death row for not following rules follow our rules or else it will turn... bad

1: No mic spamming no one wants to hear you screaming.

2: No Hacks or Exploits allowed. Example: Don't go in locations that 096 can not get you. That is considered an exploit and it's unfun for the SCP.

3: No racism or racial slurs Not Cool at all.

4: No excessive insulting or trash talking.

5: No excessive cross teaming, MTF work with Scientist, Chaos works with D-boys, and Serpent's Hand works with SCPs. Only acceptable if the person in question is disarmed.

6: Listen to all admins. They always have the last call

- Talk, find friends, or Report anyone breaking the rules to our discord
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