||| thy server |||


Click to join the Discord (we definitely have one)

Server is hosted in europe!
This is an english [GB/US] speaking server.

Dont take this server seriously! Thank you :D
If you need to contact the owner. Discord: kxghtism


<align="center">Plugins and gameplay changes

- Swap with SCP's (Play different SCP's than the one you were chosen as)
- The ability to get Pink Candy (10%~ chance)
- Respawn Timer (See when your respawning, and what your respawning as)
- Remote keycard (Open doors without holding a keycard)
- SCP's have the ability to talk to nearby humans
- You can hold as many keycards and medical items as you wish.
- Custom items that can alter the game or make it enraging / hilarious
- Flip a coin to get random effects / items
- 5% chance for the round to be a custom gamemode


Basic and simple rules:

- No hate speech
- No extreme toxicity (We dont mind banter)
- No cheating (never seen a cheater)
- Don't team with fellas you arent supposed to (MTF /= Chaos / SCP's / Class D)
- Don't KOS class D unless they have been known to have a gun.
- Have some tough skin, we may crack jokes.
- We are aiming to be beginner friendly, we dont mind teaching you new fellas.
- this is a rule but have fun
- we hate all pedophiles / groomers

thanks for playing if you do c: </align>