Larry's Lawn



1. Chaos and D-Class CAN team with SCPs, but make sure the teams make sense. (Press F1 for more info.)

2. Do not suicide as an SCP, this will lead to a warning, then kick and a possible ban.
2a. Suicide as SCP-049-2 will lead to a 5 minute ban without warning.

3. Any form of team killing is prohibited, and will lead to a kick.

4. You cannot kill D-Class in LCZ until MTF or Chaos Insurgency spawn. Scientists are the only exception, as they can kill D-Class
4a. Do not kill cuffed D-Class. This will result in a kick and possible ban.

5. Have common sense. (No ghosting, advertising, etc.)

6. Any form of modding is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.

7. You can use a soundboard, but do not use it in dead chat, or SCP Chat. (Using it on intercom is fine but don't be annoying.)
7a. If someone tells you it is annoying, then stop.

8. Any NSFW Content will be moderated and will result in a mute.
8a. This rule also applies to racism, verbal harassment, etc.

9. Respect staff members.


I know it is a lot but it is so you can have fun!