Hi welcome to meme's SCP foundation hope you will follow the rules here

Here are the RULES to the SCP server

1. Don't be Toxic to people or staff on the the sever

2. Don't cheat the system with Glitches or Hacks. neither is Ghosting allowed.

3. Playing Music or Mic Spamming Is not allowed in Radio, SCP Chat,Intercom and Spectator

4. D-class can Negotiate with SCPs. But the SCPs don't have to listen

5. SCPs Can't Team with MTF/Guards or Scientist

6. Chaos can be friends with SCPs but they don't have to

7. Closing doors/Elevators or killing a team mate of yours is not allowed

8. Don't Camp Around Escape or Both Nuke rooms

9.Killing a Cuffed D-class OR Scientist is considered TK If you are MTF or Chaos

10. Have fun

join my discord sever for more details about the scp sever
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