Discord server: https://discord.gg/KpenxZpkeE patron: patreon.com/SigmasParadise

Our servers are English speaking only.
Any form of racism, sexism, antisemitism or any other discrimination isn't allowed. This includes offensive slurs and jokes.
Using cheats and exploits is not allowed.
Purposely delaying the round will result in you being slain.
Don't kill compliant cuffed Class-D or Scientists. Uncuffing obedient Class-D or Scientists in order to kill them is prohibited. It's also forbidden to uncuff them before their escape.
Don't announce staff who have a hidden badge or bring attention to them.
Disrespecting, impersonating, encouraging others to break our rules and false reporting is prohibited.
Don't sabotage your team.
We will only give out 2 warnings on a rule break and then go to terms of banning and muting. If we can see your doing it on purpose we will ban you with no warning. Saying a slur with no mods around will lead to a night ban which is your banned for a week.

scientist and d-boys may work together to escape.
class- D can cuff scientist and scientist can cuff class-D but you cannot kill them , if you kill them it will be against the rules even if you uncuff them when they were cuffed.
chaos works with D-boys and may detain scientist to recruit as chaos same rule applies here about killing and cuffing.
MTF works with scientist to help them escape they may as well cuff d-boys and same rules for killing and cuffing.
chaos and MTF can cuff each other but if MTF kills chaos while they are cuffed it is aloud but if chaos kills MTF while they are cuffed its against the rules.

Music is allowed as loud as you want but if asked to stop and is disturbing others you have to stop/
No slurs are allowed.
do not mic spam you can but if someone asks please stop then stop.
Don't be to disrespectful to others and try to be polite if need to argue, argue but not to harsh and stop arguing after.