Welcome to SCP Hijinks, a fun server to hang out and play with you and your friends!
Here are some basic rules to get started:

1. Any sexist, homophobic or racist remarks are prohibited, as is anything that is discriminatory in nature
2. Cheating or exploiting in any way is a permaban (obviously) and further actions by SCP:SL staff may be taken
3. Please refrain from being toxic in any nature toward anyone
4. Although friendly fire is on, team killing is still not allowed and will be punished
5. All MTF MUST arrest D-class upon encountering them unless they are holding a gun or refusing orders, in which case they be killed
6. SCP's may not team with MTF, scientists or guards under any circumstances. All SCPs (except 173 and 096) may team with chaos. SCPs can choose to spare D class personnel but are asked to refrain from full on teaming with them, as the game may become unbalanced. 173 and 096 may not team with any other team under any circumstances.

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/tjjXVeC