XiqX's Secret Server


Plugins -

Remote keycard - Lets you use the keycard without holding it.
Respawn timer - Lets you see how long till you respawn, who you will respawn as and the team tickets.
UAFK - swaps afk people with spectators.
WaitAndChillReborn - Spawns you in a room before round starts instead of staring at a black screen
Peanut F**** Explodes - Does what it says when peanut dies
CommonUtilities - Let's certain scps's talk, allows cuffed people to be swapped, like chaos into mtf etc.
CustomItems - Has customitems like tranqguns and grenade launcher!

Rules -

No kosing dclass as guards/mtf unless they are seen holding a gun or defying orders. Scientists can bypass this and kos.
No killing cuffed dbois/scientists. This doesn't apply to scientists and dbois they can still do this!
No inappropriate nicknames.
No racism.
No hacking.
No leaking of personal information.
No earraping in spectator chat, on the radio or on intercom.
No team sabotage, this means no killing scps in tesla if you are 079.
DDOS threats will be a perm ban.
Respect the staff.
If you are last left don't camp and make the round take forever.
Dont ghost, meaning if your dead but your friend is alive, dont give away peoples positions.

Features -

914 teleports on rough
Active Owner
Remote Keycard
Custom Items
FriendlyFire is disabled, ignore how it says its enabled it is bugged.