[Heavily Modded | US East]

Server Rules
Rule 1: Facility Guards cannot KOS Class-D personnel in Light Containment Zone. They may do so, however, if the Class-D is not cooperating or is armed.
Rule 2: You may not harass anyone or group, whether they are present or not, whatsoever. Calling someone "dumb" or "idiot" doesn't fall in this rule, but slurs, (serious) racism and sexism, or others, is not tolerated.
Rule 3: Earraping is not allowed. Soundboards are allowed as long as the music doesn't break rule 2, and aren't loud. If you don't like someone's music, the game has a super, epic and awesome mute feature.
Rule 4: Camping for more than 1 minute isn't allowed. Attempting to loophole this rule by changing the spot you camp at will still result in punishment.
Rule 5: Team sabotage isn't allowed. Team sabotage specifically means hurting teammates on purpose (e.g. tesla gate as SCP-079). Closing doors on teammates, if they are human, is allowed.
Rule 6: Unfair advantages aren't allowed. This means abusing an unreachable (e.g. people with other sizes or models cannot reach, not meant to be reached) spot, bug exploiting, autoclicking, etc.
Rule 6: Humans may not team with SCPs except for Chaos Insurgency (if a Class-D is accompanied with Chaos Insurgency, then it is ok.)
SCPs can spare humans They only cannot actively be teaming with them.

More Information
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