Are you tired of 6 minute long waits for MTF respawn? Are you tired of playing with dozens of mods that you can't keep track of? Are you tired of zero mods? Then get ready for SCP Quickplay!

This server is lightly modded. Plugins used:
- RemoteKeycard: Keycards work in your inventory, so there is no need to have them in hand.
- Stalky106: SCP-106 can double-click the portal creation button to teleport to random players.
- Buddy: You can play on the same team as your friends. (Enter console, type .buddy [name])
Respawn waves come at a much faster rate than other servers, so you'll be back in the game before you know it!

Server Rules:
1. Use common sense and chill
2. Be nice to others, so in other words don't close doors on teammates or shoot cuffed Dboys unless it's funny
3. No hacking/cheating/toxicity/harassment etc.
4. Soundboards are okay until someone asks you to stop

Contact email: [email protected]