Cookiez' Lounge

Hello and welcome to Cookiez' Lounge, we want to have a fun and safe area for all players, rules for the server will be below.
Make sure to join our discord: https://discord.gg/DYpkJNAMKm

1. No racism, homophobia, etc.
2. Exploiting or hacking is not allowed
3. Don't disrespect players or staff members
4. You are not allowed to impersonate another member without their permission
5. No toxicity, racist/homophobic slurs, etc.
6. No ghosting
7. You cannot KoS unarmed/disarmed personnel for no reason. (CI is exempt from KoS but not disarmed KoS)
8. No false surrender. If you are not with who you surrendered to for an extended period of time, you are not surrendered anymore
9. Earrape or overly obnoxious soundboards are not allowed in global or local voice chats
10. Doing things in game with the attempt to kill your team is not allowed. (079 killing zombies with their permission is allowed)
11. Attempting to throw the game for your team is not allowed. (Un-cuffing opposite classes at exit is included. Going out of your way to surrender as a class that spawns with a gun is also included.)

MTF/Scientists cannot team with any other classes. SCPs and CI are allowed to team. D-Class and SCPs are not allowed to team. Teams that cannot normally team may cooperate if it is mutually beneficial, though after this opportunity ends the two teams must separate.