UnderGround HideOut

Server 2

Welcome to UnderGround HideOut! We are a chill server dedicated to fun! Join our discord below!

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Server Rules
1. KOS is not allowed on detained players

1a. An example of this is if you are an MTF and you shoot a detained Class-D.
1b. KOS does not count if you undetain the person and kill them.
1c. If the detained player is obviously running from you or not following your directions KOS is exempt.
2. Mic-spamming is not allowed in isolated chats
2a. Mic-Spam is considered loud noises, excessive music, etc.
2b. Isolated chats include Spectator, SCP Chat, Radios, and any other voice chat that players cannot move away from.
3. Purposely stalling or holding up a round is not allowed.
3a. Players will be warned if they are holding up the round for over 5-10 minutes.
3b. An example of this is locking SCP's on surface an an MTF and sitting inside the facility.
3c. We understand players can't always tell if they are holding up a round so we will kindly tell players doing it.
4. No Racial slurs or harassment at any time.
5. No real-life threats.
6. No serious NSFW content is allowed at any time in any way
7. Hacking/exploiting is not permitted at all and is a permanent ban.
7a. We report all cheaters and exploiters to Northwood Studios immediately.


Plugins listed below are only plugins that modify gameplay
AutoFFToggle - A Plugin that automatically enabled Friendly Fire at the end of each round
Kill Messages - A plugin which allows anyone to change a message displayed to players they kill! Use .kmsg in your console for more info.
SCPSpeech - A small benefit for Underground Hideout Patreons which allows Patreons to use Proximity Chat as SCP's.
EndRoundReports - Sends reports of each game to #end-round-logs in our Discord.

Underground Hideout Servers
2. UnderGround HideOut - US Central #1 | us-kac-1.ludohosting.com:8002

2. UnderGround HideOut - US Central #2 | us-kac-1.ludohosting.com:8003

Server Location:
[US - Central]
Kansas City, Missouri

To appeal for a ban, follow the instructions in the #appeals</u> channel in our Discord Server.

Have Fun!!</align>