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Redd & Blu's

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Heyo, welcome to the server. We hope you enjoy your stay!

To go over things quickly:

> > >  DA RULES  < < <

1. Respect. Please have good sportsmanship, and respect other players. We have a zero tolerance policy on hate speech.

2. KoS is allowed, and will not be enforced by staff, HOWEVER:
- Shooting any detained personnel while they are complying is against the rules.
- Undetaining personnel to attack them is also against the rules.

3. Teaming. Teaming is allowed as long as:
- It does not delay the round
- It does not lead to team sabotage (ex: D-Class teaming with SCP's with a goal to kill other D-class)

4. Micspam. Micspamming is...
- ✅ allowed in Proximity chat
- ✅ allowed on Intercom, limited to one Intercom session per game
- ❌ forbidden in Spectator or Radio chats
- !!! Any micspam that is excessively loud or irritating is strictly forbidden.

5. Team Sabotage is not allowed or fun for anyone. If you are being chased by an enemy, please do not close doors on other team members.
- Closing doors on team members will not be enforced by staff if there is no threat present.

6. Camping or intentionally holding up the round is against the rules.
- If violated, your position may be automatically broadcasted to other players should there not be a SCP-079 player with Breach Scanner unlocked.

> > >  CONTACT  < < <

Please direct your inquiries or reports to halflife_2 on Discord, or join our server linked above for the fastest response.

Optionally, our contact email is [email protected]

> > >  PLUGINS / CHANGES  < < <

> CedMod V3
> EndRoundFriendlyFire
> To Be Determined

None yet, because we HATE Exiled

Formerly known as BLUSHFT's Wacky Containment Breach Simulator

Home-hosted with love since 2022
Thanks for Playing <3