SCP:SL Fusion Server
Discord Server Link:

[1] Any type of glitch/bug exploiting, hacking, interference with admin tools or Anti-Cheat systems will be permanently banned without any warning. We do not agree with cheating.
[2] Mic Spamming is only allowed if the spam isn't loud or annoying. Consequences: Warn -> Kick -> Ban for 24h
[3] We do not condone teaming. If your teaming with someone that doesn't give you a gameplay advantage( like a class-d and scientist) then we are not going to punish you, but if your teaming with someone that is giving you a advantage( like a MTF and class-d) then we will firstly warn you, then kick you and then ban you for 24h.
[4] Do not camp for a long time. This ruins gameplay for others and will result in a direct kick and if it happens again we will ban you for 24h.
[5] Do not be racist, sexist, homophobic or any other thing that may hurt others. We are a friendly community. First offence will be a warning and next one will be a 24h ban.
[6] If you break any of the official rules given out by NorthWood Studios, we will report you to them and will permanently ban you if the offence is strong enough or has happened multiple times.

We promise to give you and your friends a fun server to spend your time playing fairly.