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• This server is hosted in the US (East).
• This is predominantly an English speaking server, this doesn't mean you cannot speak any other language, but don't expect everyone to understand you, sorry.
• Events can be requested from a staff member if they happen to be on, if enough people want one.
• Friendly Fire is not on here, sorry.
• SCP 914 will work with held items

• Common Sense - It should go without saying that you should use common sense when interacting with other people. Don't say something you wouldn't say in real life, don't harass people because they killed you or something, etc etc, you aren't five (hopefully), so please don't act like you are.

• Soundboards / micspam in general - I cannot stress enough that if you use soundboards or micspam excessively in Spectator, or SCP chat, or intercom, you will most likely be muted. Please don't. They are fine elsewhere, but in global chats, people like to hear themselves think usually. This has the exception of if you are asked to turn down/off your audio (by anyone) in any chat, respect peoples wishes.

• KOS - It is up to a players discretion whether or not they kill on sight, it might be unfair, unfun, etc. It's part of the game, and there isn't much we can do about it, someone chose to kill you, that was their decision, tough luck.

• Staff members - Please don't harass staff members, or anyone for that matter. If you feel that a staff member is abusing their power in an unfair or unreasonable way, the first thing you should do is ask them to stop. Most likely they didn't realise the effect it was having, and will hopefully stop. If they continue however, feel free to mention it to a senior member of staff, so they can look into it. If a staff member is acting in a way that seems to breach the rules, as if they don't apply, please mention it to a senior member. Rules absolutely still apply to staff.

• Cheating/Exploiting - Obviously this is not ok, and will result in a heavy punishment. Exploiting is really only a problem if it gives you some sort of advantage or is interrupting the regular flow of the game, so please don't.

• Round Stalling - This is not a bannable offence, or even really kickable unless its serious. We discourage unnecessarily dragging out a game, but the most you'll probably get is a disapproving look from a staff member, you have been warned.

• Teaming - Teaming is ok between the following groups : D.Class and SCP's, D.Class and MTF/Scientists, Chaos and SCP's, Chaos and Scientists. This means that teaming between MTF and Chaos is not ok, neither is MTF and SCP's. If a group teaming with another unnecessarily delays the round, you will be given additional stern looks from people who value their time.

• Team/Cuffed Killing - Killing cuffed personnel (D.Class/Scientists) is similar to KOS in how we handle it, someone chose to do that, unlucky, all we can do is angrily stare, sorry, rigged, etc. For team killing (SCP's specifically(079 Specifically)). If you tesla gate teammates several times, or evidently on purpose, you'll probably be placed into spectator chat and promptly replaced with someone more competent.

• Killing yourself as SCP - This is disapproved of also. If you chose to give up because you hate PC, fine, you tesla'd yourself as Larry, your call. Generally if a staff member is on, and it's near the start of the round, someone will replace the SCP. Otherwise you will be responsible for ruining everyone else's game. Well done. Was it worth it?

If you have any other questions, suggestions, demands or any other kind of commentary, please give your opinions on the Discord server, linked at the top of this page. You will also find staff members there who you can speak to if you feel the need to.