Jackpot SCP:SL
Welcome to Jackpot SCP!
Here, you can view all the rules and information about the server!

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1. Swearing is allowed! Please do not say racial or homophobic slurs.
2. Mic-spamming is allowed in game chat. You may NOT mic-spam in spectator chat, on intercom, or in SCP chat.
3. Earraping is not allowed.
4. Try not to friendly fire as SCP-079.
5. Do not be toxic or harass people.

SCP-914 Info

- Class-D will spawn with a scientist/janitor card. Using the card, you can access SCP-914.
- If you upgrade a keycard on coarse, it will output a gun 50% of the time. The gun tier depends on the keycard tier.

Keycards to guns list:
- Janitor card to Flashbang
- Scientist card to HE Grenade (Normal grenade)
- Research Coordinator card to COM 15
- Zone Manager card to Revolver
- Guard card to COM 18
- MTF Private card to FSP9
- Containment Engineer card to Crossvec
- MTF Sergeant card to MTF-E11-SR (Epsilon Rifle)
- MTF Captain card to AK
- Facility Manager card to Shotgun
- Chaos Insurgency card to Logicer
- 05 card to Particle Disrupter

Be careful though, the cards have a 50% chance to be downgraded instead of upgraded to a gun.