[UK / EU] Danny's Crib

Server Location: London, UK

For assistance, Join the Discord server below and create a ticket!

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We are a new community looking to expand our player base and invite new members to come and experience the server with us! Enjoy your time on the server and we hope you to return to play again in the near future :)

Events are hosted automatically or when a staff member executes one, they can also be requested by Patreon Tier 2+ members!</u></link>

You can check the Discord server in #server-info for more information.

Server Rules

KOS is not allowed.

1. No using hacks, cheats, or exploits (Results in a permanent ban)
2. No excessive mic-spam in spectator or SCP chat (Soundboards allowed but please don't earrape/annoy others)
3. No teamkilling (Class D on Class D teamkilling is allowed)
4. No killing Class D/Scientists (Unless they are refusing to follow commands)
5. No cross-teaming (SCP & MTF & Chaos)
6. Listen to moderators/admins (They have the final say in matters)
7. No intentionally holding up the round (Camping in rooms that nobody else can enter)
8. Do not sabotage your team by closing doors or by changing #914 settings (Excluding Class D on Class D)
9. No advertising
10. No racist/discriminatory language (Results in permanent ban)