Howdy! Welcome to SiteFunnyArea Lightly Modded! This is the Lightly Modified Server which only contains a few fun and not too complex plugins (list will be below) and overall just a good time for people who want to play it casual and not too much chaos.

Before playing please read our rules below.

1. No cheating or exploiting the gameplay. Sadly this still needs to be reminded sometimes...
No slurs, hate speech, or any offensive behaviors (Racism, Homophobic comments/insults, Slurs, Any other offensive stuff will not be tolerated and will result in a mute or a ban.)
3. No extreme amounts of toxicity or bullying. (Please, it's just not needed. Of course your allowed to jokingly mess around but don't go over the top is all we ask.)
4. No teaming allowed. (MTF/SCPs, CI/MTF.) Only Chaos Insurgency may team with the SCPs. The SCPs are allowed to show mercy if they want, same goes for other teams. (CI may show mercy on MTF, MTF same with CI.)</color>
5. No camping spawns. (No sitting at escape point for Class D and Scientists, No waiting for MTF or CI to spawn.)</color>
6. No extreme mic spam. If anyone does in spectator chat or in game, just mute them and if they're getting really annoying let a Mod or Admin know.
9. No trying to kill or sabotage escapes of detained personnel. It's just not fun at all..

This color = Clickable Link.

That is really all of our rules. We just want to make this a chill server for all and if anything happens you can easily report it to a Mod in game or in our reporting center in our Discord Server.
Which if you would like to join our discord server, a somewhat chill and somewhat funny place to hang out at, play with some other members, and get any updates when it comes to the server. Then join our SiteFunnyArea Discord!

Now time for the list of plugins, more info in our discord but here is the basics.
- CommonUtilities
- Supply Drops
- AdminToolBox
- ScpUtilities
- Respawn Timer
- Remote Keycard