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<indent=15%>1:Do not KOS any Class-D Personnel in Light-Containment Zone, unless they have a weapon or refusing to surrender. Killing cuffed Class-D Personnel will also lead to punishment.</indent>
<indent=15%>2: Do not close any doors on any teammates/Dooming teammates to death. </indent>
<indent=15%>3: Do not say any racist insults.</indent>
<indent=15%>4: Do not lock teammates into areas they can't usually access.</indent>
<indent=15%>5: Do not micspam/play any loud or obnoxious audios</indent>
<indent=15%>6: Do not camp/hold up the round for 2 minutes.</indent>
<indent=15%>7: Do not hack/use bugs towards your advantage.</indent>
<indent=15%>8: Use common sense. Even though something might not be against the rules, they may still have a punishment if necessary.</indent>
</indent>9: If ur underage of playing SCP:SL perm ban
</indent>10: Please be nice to our SL Staffs

Teaming Rules

1: D-class cannot team or help any SCPs
2: MTF cannot Team up with Chaos
3: SCPs cannot team up with any MTFs
4: Scientist and Facility Guards cannot team or help any SCP's

Mic-spamming Rules

1. Do not play loud audios in Spectator, Pre-Round, End-Round, SCP, Intercom or Radio chat.
2. Playing audios (although can be punished if you play loud/obnoxious/nsfw audios or audios with racial terms) is fine in Proximity

KOS <size=50%>(Killing on Sight) Rules</size>

Killing Class-D while they are detained or undetained this against rule against Rule 1.


No team can camp areas for an extended period of time, which holds up the round.
Chaos Insurgency, being the only non-required team to terminate by the SCPs are exempt to this rule.

Important Information Rules
1. Although if u see a staff mod abusing / admin abusing pls report to the higher staffs
2. pls don't call any staff's a slur word if u do u will be ban for 5h
3. if ur an SCP don't leave the server and rejoin a mod or admin will swap u to an SCP u like
4. pls don't abuse scp294 while using it