Server Rules:

1. No Bigotry.
2. Avoid Friendly Fire if possible. (2 kills will kill you. 4 in a round will kick you and more than 1k damage will ban you)
2e. D-Class do not need to follow the above rule.
3. No cross-teaming.
3e. Anything goes in light containment, but after the elevator to heavy sides must be drawn.
4. CI do not need to kill SCPs, but they can certainly choose to.
5. SCPs can choose to spare anyone they wish, but should not actively assist people. (this includes opening gates people normally need a card for or pointing out items/spawns)
6. Try not to kill surrendering people as MTF/Guard.
6e. A surrendering person must state in voice comms that they are surrendering and have empty hands to allow for cuffing.
6e1. D class may be shot on sight if they are holding a gun or grenade, or attempt to flee or refuse to be cuffed when confronted by MTF/guards.
7. If you are a guard/MTF/CI you shouldn't be hiding from the SCPs to wait out spawn waves. You don't need to be hunting them down, but at least be trying to achieve something (Like activating nuke or getting the HID) rather than hiding in a corner.
7e. D-class and Scientists can wait out spawn waves as their survival is a victory condition.
8. Avoid Surface camping unless the nuke is active.
<b>9.<b> Don't spam the mic with Music or otherwise pointless noise.

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Ban duration will increase with repeated offenses.