Your everyday vanilla server.

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1. No KOS of D-class without good reason (D-class has weapon/is at risk of escaping uncuffed/not following reasonable orders)
2. No purposeful friendly fire without good reason (victim is annoying)
3. No Micspam in global voice chats (Spectator, intercom, radio, SCP chat)
4. Teaming is allowed, but not encouraged, as long as round is not held up
5. Friendly fire is on, but reduced heavily. Friendly fire auto-bans are enabled and enforced.
6. Be reasonable. Don't nitpick the rules, just follow them please.
7. Breaking of rules may result in ban or other action chosen by moderation
8. Admins have final say in matters and reserve the right to do whatever they want as long as it does not interfere with gameplay to a great extent.
9. No age limit but being generally annoying is not allowed
10. All global rules apply (obviously)

Discord has more info on roles, tags, etc.

Use the discord to report any and all rule breakage.