Welcome to Exodus Empires!

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<Server Rules>
- Class D can only be killed before first NTF wave or if they ignore Orders
- Chaos can KOS scientists in any scenario
- Flash banging elevators is against the rules!

Please report all rule breakers to the discord!

For a full list of our rules, Click here!

<Server info>
- Users will be placed into gulag on death.
- 914 Can upgrade held items
- 914 can change classes
- AFK players will be replaced
- 049 can talk to humans
- 106 can stalk users
- Coins are placed around the map
- Players can tranquilize each other
- Players can join up to 30 seconds late and be spawned
- Users have the chance to spawn with bonus items!
- Blackouts will occurs at random times
- Major scientists, NTF Medics, Chaos vampires, Chaos Sleeper, Head Guards and 05 council members have a chance to spawn!
<Server Plugins>
- AdminTools
- Common Utils
- Discord Integration
- Doc Rework
- Gulag
- KeepTheChange
- PMF2
- SCPSwap
- LaterJoin
- Stalky106
- TranquilizerGun
- UltimateAFK
- VPNShield
- SCP 575
- Custom classes