The server has randomised event rounds with a 10% chance!
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The following are the in game rules KOS Rules you must follow
Chaos – Can kill scientists however can also disarm them if they choose to. You must help escort D class out the facility to become chaos. You are not to team with any MTF force. Teaming with the SCP'S is allowed!
Facility guard: Can KOS d class. However must assist scientists in escaping. If an NTF wave spawns you are to stop killing D class and disarm them
MTF – Can’t kill Class D unless they are currently holding a weapon in their hands, Or are seen infront of you picking up a weapon.Or if they're ignoring orders(Read orders below) It is important to follow the NLR rule on this!
SCPs – Kill anyone.(Teaming with anyone is allowed so long as it doesn't get your team killed)
NLR: New life rule. Whatever you see within spectator you must forget. If you see a D class pickup a gun whilst in spectator you are not permitted to then KOS the D class (Unless the physically hold the weapon
when you next see them when you're alive.)

General server rules:
The following are In game Rules
Hacking by any means is strictly prohibited and may result in a permanent ban from the game itself!
I) No Advertisement unless approved by the administrators This includes discord links (Twitch channels in names are fine)
II)Mic spam is not allowed at all (This includes the use of music over intercom or anything deemed loud)
However: The use of TTS for communication is allowed.
III) Racism or Homophobia is not allowed.
IV) Admins have no permission to abuse their power to any sort of extent.
V) Don't delay the rounds, If you're found to be doing it you will be despawned
VI) Please don't be rude to others.
VII) Do not attempt to impersonate any staff members
VIII) Any reports should be filled out within the discord
IX) Don't be toxic and sell out your teammates to SCP's
X)Using the Cola bottle to get OUT of the map is against the rules. However using it to get on cameras or other spots where you can still be hit is allowed.```

Toxicity rules:
I) Closing doors on teammates to get them killed is not allowed
II) using scp's to kill teammates is not allowed
III) Spawn camping is only allowed once and shouldn't be done continuously
IV) Guards/NTF can kill D class whom are resisting escape or arrest
V) Chaos can kill Scientists whom are resisting escape or arrest
VI) Killing scp's with the tesla as 079 is not allowed
VII) Stealing users items after escaping is against the rules. Ask them before you take them```