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The Yellow Brick Road

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|1|: Use common sense.
|2|: Do not impersonate staff or developers. This will result in a ban.
|3|: Any derogatory slurs or content that insult ones gender/sexuality/ethnic background/religion is not welcome and will result in a ban
|4|: No bashing against any community, discord, or person.
|5|: Do not ban or punishment evade. This will result in more severe consequences.
|6|: Any usernames that contain offensive content are not allowed.
|7|: Toxicity isn't welcome, you will be punished accordingly for over toxicity.
|8|: Mic spam is allowed unless asked to stop
|9|: Text Chat spam is forbidden and will result in a kick
|10|: Staff are able to assign punishments at their discretion if they feel you are a threat to the playerbase/game.